Slide Invest in yourself, and create the life your truly want

The secret of passion, is purpose

Helping consultants and small business owners to maximise their performance through mindset coaching, meditation and hypnotherapy.
We are all about helping you define and achieve your goals by gaining control of your thoughts.

Invest in yourself, and create the life your truly want

Do you feel like life is passing you by, and you’re getting nowhere fast? Do you see everyone else around you moving ahead, achieving their goals, living their purpose? And they seem to be doing this with the minimum of effort. You have so many skills and abilities, yet you don’t seem to be able maximise them? 


I can show you how – by explaining how your mind works, I will show you how to create your dream life with ease and grace. Working directly with your subconscious, I will show you how your paradigms are controlling your thoughts, behaviours and results, and I will teach you how to change the patterns that are holding you back.


Being in control of your mind is the foundation of a successful and happy life. Our thoughts drive our behaviours, how we perceive situations, and ultimately the results we obtain in life. It makes complete sense to manage our mind, rather than our mind managing us. 


I am passionate about helping people to achieve more by showing them how the mind works, and sharing the tools and techniques that will help you to change the way you think forever.

Gain control of your mind through meditation

Meditation has so many psychological and physiological benefits, that it’s a skill that should be taught to young children. It’s a skill for life that no one should be without, and can help all sorts of situations, including managing stress, anxiety and insomnia.
It also has many other benefits, including promoting calmness and creativity, and connecting more closely with your subconscious to gain guidance and solutions to challenges you are dealing with. 


I am the meditation teacher I needed when I began my own meditation journey, and I teach meditation for beginners and run online guided meditation sessions. You can find out more here.

Create immediate and lasting change

Hypnotherapy is a powerful therapy that creates real change very quickly for people. It works for a whole range of issues, including anxiety, sleep, smoking, weight loss, and situations where you need to perform to a high standard, such as work presentations or public speaking.
I am currently delivering hypnotherapy online, supplemented by a professional recording of the session. I also work with clients to develop positive affirmations to empower them to take personal control of the issue they are changing.
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