About Frequency Shift

The key to thriving through change – and achieving the outcomes you want – is mindset.
You can drift through life, oblivious to the direction you are taking or where you will end up. Or you can take control, get clear on the direction and drive your own agenda.
Things happen; sometimes we can influence them and sometimes we can’t. But what we can always do is choose how we perceive and respond to all of life’s challenges, changes, terrors, and triumphs.
Mindset is about realising that what we experience is simply a manifestation of our subconscious thoughts, and then and then challenging and changing these patterns. Change the thought, change the behaviour, change the result and completely change your life.
Through mindset coaching, I show you paradigms and I’ll teach you how to respond calmly to the world around you, rather than reacting just like you always have done. You discover how to pause, measure the situation at hand, and respond in the way that is aligned to what you want in life. 

About Leonie Thomas

Hi, I’m Leonie.
Before establishing Frequency Shift, I spent almost a decade nurturing a particular dream. I wanted to create a space where people could access the kind of guidance, learning and energy that would allow them to live their dream life.
While I was undergoing my own shift in frequency, I was able to gain invaluable insight into mindset tools and strategies. It’s these very resources that I now share with my clients, empowering them as they move through their own journeys.
I am passionate about helping people to create transformations for themselves. Whether it’s opening up to a new mindset or overcoming a challenge, with the right tools, guidance and opportunity you can change anything you put your mind to.


I know this works, because I’ve been through the journey myself, transforming from someone who felt victimised by circumstances including experiencing a lot of anxiety, to someone who realises how to create her own successful reality. And the best part is, I’m just getting started.
I am also experienced in a range of holistic therapies, including hypnotherapy, crystal healing, reflexology and reiki and this experience gives me a great understanding of energy and how it impacts all of our lives.
When I tell you that a shift in mindset can transform how you experience almost every element of your life, I truly mean it. I’ve lived and breathed it – the results are incredible and they can be yours too.
So let’s talk about the life you really want to create, with you as the star of the show, rather than being in the background.