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My story

My own journey to mindset and holistic therapies has been through a combination of interest and having experienced some significant mental health challenges earlier in my life. I was 30 before I was diagnosed with anxiety, but I recognise now that I had been anxious all my life and often felt completely unable to move with it. People used to call me ‘highly strung’ and ‘sensitive’, when in reality, I was just really anxious and stressed about whatever was going on around me. The flipside of anxiety for me was depression, so I was on and off tablets between the ages of 16 and 32, much of the time feeling pretty horrendous.

These experiences initially brought me to talking therapies, which I considered studying in more depth. I then came across meditation, which I found very useful for providing some peace and quiet. Along with this, I also discovered a range of holistic therapies that really worked very well for me. I believe that different therapies resonate with different people, and this is absolutely fine. Just enjoy the journey to finding what benefits you, because there are a lot to choose from.

When I first came across holistic healing, I knew immediately that it is what I would end up doing, but knew also I had a journey ahead of me to learn all the skills that I would need. Every step has been necessary and no experience has been wasted on my way here, especially the difficult ones.

This year (2020) gave me the opportunity to study mindset in a lot of depth, and I immediately recognised the healing benefits this could offer to people. Mindset work complements holistic therapies beautifully. As holistic healers, we can shift and move energy, but the client needs to do the hard work by changing how they think about situations. This is true healing in my view and my purpose is to enable this process for other people.

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