leaving people with the impression of increase

The beauty of leaving people with the impression of increase

Leaving people with the impression of increase was something that I learnt a long time ago in a job – although that particular business called it ‘teamwork’. It was a concept that I adopted very quickly and something that I then brought with me to any other companies I worked for or bids I was working on when I was a consultant.

What is it?

Leaving everyone with the impression of increase is about finding a way, in each of your interactions, to make other person feel great, and leave them feeling totally enhanced through their connection or relationship with you. There are many different ways to do this, for example spotting their amazing abilities in a particular area of their work, praising a trait in their personality that you admire (I love calmness in other people for example), sharing information that will help them personally or professionally, or introducing them to people in your network that will really benefit them.

What are the benefits?

There are so many benefits to leaving people with the impression of increase: we enable the other person to feel good about themselves, we gain some good karma ourselves, but most importantly we raise the vibration for everyone, and raising the vibration helps us all to attract more good into our lives. Why wouldn’t we want this? Also, it reminds us to constantly give freely because we live in an abundant universe, with a never-ending supply of good stuff for everyone to enjoy. If it doesn’t seem like this, perhaps you need to consider your perspective?

Sounds like the typical woo-woo stuff you talk about, Leonie

It might sound woo-woo, but it’s based on the law of cause and effect. The whole universe is predicated on numerous laws, which are so precise they enabled the first people to land on the moon with the accuracy of fractions of a second, and return safely. The law of cause and effect is related to the law of attraction, which I’m sure many people have heard of. In order to attract the good we seek, we have to be vibrating at the right frequency. Leaving people with the impression of increase will enable you to do this.

Wait – that’s amazing – how can I implement this in my own life?

If you implement this way of working with other people, you will see huge changes in your relationships and very quickly. Start small by asking people how you can help them today, or whether there are people in your network that you could introduce them to that would be beneficial.

There are so many ways we can do this – I’d love to hear what ideas you have.

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