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The crystal diaries: Rose quartz

Key words include: unconditional love, self-love, nurturing, friendship, mothering, compassion, care and peace.

Rose quartz is the stone of all forms of love: friendship, unconditional, self and romantic, and its gentle energies bring peace and tranquillity while restoring trust. It is also the stone of self-love, helping to boost our self-worth, and telling us that we are good enough and that we are worthy of all the good things in life. It is often one of the first stones that people get to know on their crystal journey because of its pretty colour.

It’s a form of quartz (silicon dioxide) and receives its pink colour from inclusions of dumortierite.

On a physical level, if is the stone of the heart chakra and support healing of the heart, lungs and general chest area. Because of its links to motherhood, it can be an effective in increasing fertility and providing protection throughout pregnancy and birth.

Rose quartz is the perfect stone to carry when you are feeling unworthy or not good enough. It also helps to neutralise any feelings of resentment and self-criticism.

I find this crystal to be very high energy, and therefore really effective when used in meditation. I have also created a grid throughout my flat, placing pieces of rose quartz in the corners of the rooms and connecting them using a quartz master crystal. These grids are then cleansed with tingshas daily, and washed weekly in cold running water. I also leave them on the window cills during full moons to charge. I also put rose quartz in the bath, setting an intention to benefit from its energies in the water.

Do you use rose quartz? What are your experiences of this stone?

Image by Hans-August Beer from Pixabay – thank you!

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