what is reiki

What is reiki?

Lots of people over the years have asked me ‘what *is* reiki?’. At the basic level, it’s a therapy that initially came about in Japan in the early 20th century, although the concept of energy as medicine is found is most Eastern philosophies, and ancient civilisations were also aware of its benefits. The word reiki is formed of two Japanese words: rei meaning universal life, and ki meaning energy. Essentially ki is electromagnetic energy that flows through everything, and the equivalent concepts of ki in other cultures, including prana (Hinduism), and chi, for example chi qong. Ki can be photographed using a technique called Kirlian photography, although this is a controversial subject.

The practitioner can feel ki during a reiki session and works to bring it back into balance on a physical, mental and emotional level. This balance promotes well-being and relaxation, and a monthly reiki session is part of many people’s health routines, like going to the dentist or doctor. Many clients report feeling happier, more relaxed and better able to sleep following a session.

My own experience of being attuned reiki is that it has really helped me to become aware of energies, including situations and how other people feel. This energy awareness is a critical ability of my work as a therapist, and helps me to understand other people, giving me a perspective that is very different to a conversation.

Another strange side affect of becoming a reiki masster – a journey which took around seven years in total – is that I drink alcohol less and less. It rarely appeals to me, although I am still a big fan of a gin and tonic, or Don Draper’s favourite, an Old Fashioned. I know other friends that stopped smoking or became vegetarian. My belief is that it removes what is no longer required in your life, and for me, that was drinking alcohol.

I currently offer reiki treatments – both online and in person (when lockdowns allow), and I will be offering reiki attunements from 2021, so that I can share this amazing energy with everyone else. You can book face to face reiki treatments here and online reiki treatments here.

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