why i became a Neal's Yard consultant and why it was a great idea

Why I became a Neal’s Yard consultant (and why it was a great idea)

I have used Neal’s Yard products for years – they are great quality, smell superb (because of the essential oils), and work hard at minimising their impact on the environment. A good friend of mine is a Neal’s Yard consultant and last year my intuition was telling me to also get involved because I would enjoy it, so I did. Perhaps over a year ago, this would have been a career development I would never have considered, but I have met many people over the past12 months who are very successful within MLMs.

Since leaving bid world, I have looked for new experiences and opportunities to do things I have never done before. Becoming a Neal’s Yard consultant ticked all of those boxes! The ethos of Neal’s Yard is very much in alignment with my own values and the values I have developed for Frequency Shift – that is great quality skincare and beauty products that only use organic ingredients, including essential oils.

Why does organic beauty matter anyway?

What we put on our skin and how it’s made does matter – it matters a lot. Consider that your skin is the body’s largest organ – and it can absorb products within 26 seconds. This starts you wondering about the ingredients in moisturisers, shampoos and bath products, doesn’t it? Using soap, shampoo and moisturiser are for most people a necessity rather than a choice, so considering the impact on the earth of the manufacturing process also makes a lot of sense. As time goes on, I have swapped out many household products for those that minimise their impact on the environment, including hand soap, household cleaners, washing up liquids and laundry detergents. My thinking is no different for beauty products – if they happen to be a superb quality like Neal’s Yard, then that’s even better!

What’s special about Neal’s Yard?

Neal’s Yard was established in 1981 – it’s the fortieth anniversary of the business this year – and has been a consistent pioneer in organic beauty. The business has never tested on animals, stopped using parebens in 1996, creates products so pure they are accredited by the Soil Association, was the first high street shop to achieve carbon neutral, and consistently achieves 100% scoring in the Good Shopping Guide. They have also never used microbeads in their exfoliants and lobbied Parliament alongside Friends of the Earth to have them banned from beauty products. It feels really good to be involved with a business like this.

How does the business work?

Before Covid, the model was very much running parties at people’s houses or another location. It has now become a completely online business, with workshops and parties being delivered over Zoom. I’ve worked virtually with people for a long time, so I’m completely comfortable with this. I also offer one-to-one skincare consultations and virtual shopping, enabling my customers to obtain skincare advice that is tailored-made for their skin.

They have the benefit of my extensive experience of the whole range of products – I have literally tried and tested most things in the range over the years – and can develop curated sets of products, either for presents for special treats.

How does this link with the rest of Frequency Shift?

Frequency Shift is all about well-being, whether enjoying nature, gaining calm through meditation, or developing healthier ways of thinking through mindset training. I often combine distance reiki and guided meditation with my well-being parties, which clients really love. It creates a really relaxing experience, as well as a sense of connection and community, which is so important while we are living through these restrictions, and it’s a privilege to be able to to do this for people.

What am I enjoying?

It’s amazing to be able to share my love for the Neal’s Yard products with friends, family and increasingly complete strangers who soon become my new friends. It’s also lovely to be able to create some connection and community while we are living through Covid restrictions. Depending on the audience, I also combine sessions with guided meditations and distance reiki, to really promote a sense of wellbeing and connect. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to do for people and I’m really grateful.

I’ve used the Neal’s Yard products for years and have always enjoyed their luxurious quality, how effective they were, and the added benefits of the essential oils. I always say that Wild Rose Beauty Balm would be my luxury of choice, if I ever find myself on Desert Island Discs. It’s amazing to share this passion with other people, and I am making new friends all over the UK now, so what’s not to love?

If you would like to take part in a virtual wellbeing session, please contact me. If you would like to have a look through the range, you can have a look here.

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