Why it’s my mission to get the UK thinking more positively

I’ve really been shown recently – perhaps through 2020 generally – the poisonous impact of negative thinking and behaviour, and how it creates an addictive energetic spiral that attracts more bad luck, poor outcomes and more negative thoughts and behaviours! I’ve been wondering to myself whether thinking negatively is actually as bad as, if not worse than, smoking cigarettes.

What it is

At its most simplistic level, negative thinking is focusing on the bad in a situation or a person, catastrophising and overlooking the good. This can happen at an individual level or within a group, organisation or business, and negative thinking manifests itself through behaviours, outcomes and results.

Of course, 2020 was a year like no other and it may have felt challenging to look for the good in what has been happening, and this has created an addiction to the news and social media that has then fed it. While I understand the need to keep informed, locking into the news all day, waiting for the next update, isn’t a positive behaviour. Better to select a source of news, watch or listen for an hour, then do something else.

What the impact of negative thinking is

Repeatedly thinking the same thoughts creates patterns within our subconscious that then become our truth or reality – this then influences how we perceive the world. In this way, negative thinking becomes self-perpetuating, as well as being a contributing factor in mental health conditions.

Tips for breaking the cycle

Here are my tips for breaking the negative thought cycle:

Live from the inside out

Pay very little attention to what is happening beyond your own sphere of influence because you can’t control it. You can’t control other people’s behaviour, nor Covid, nor what the Government is going to do next in terms of trying to control it. Also don’t allow outside circumstances to influence what you want to do – find ways to work around what is happening.

Reframe what you are thinking

By identifying the negative aspects of our thoughts and turning them around, we can start to feel better. And even if you do think this is hokum, thinking more positively does feel a lot better than focusing on potential catastrophes. If you struggle with this, write down how you are feeling in detail, then identify the negatives that can be flipped around.

Rewrite the new version, writing the positives rather than the negatives, and see what a difference you feel. I promise you, you will feel the shift in energy and you will start to want more of this feeling.

Challenge yourself to look for the good

There is always good in every situation – and if you can’t find it, you aren’t looking hard enough.

Feeling grateful

Being grateful for what you do have is a real life-changer and can help you if you perhaps you aren’t feeling 100% one day. Gratitude encourages you to look at what you do have and realise how lucky you are.

Moving into the future positively

I challenge everyone to implement the tips i have described above for a month and come back and tell me how much better you feel! Let’s start 2021 raring to go, overcoming all the perceived obstacles and helping everyone we can – especially if they are struggling to see things more positively.

Who am I?

I spent around 25 years in the construction industry – spending most of my working life (so far) pitching for construction and infrastructure projects. Over the past ten years, I have really driven my esoteric education and developed a range of holistic therapy skills, including reiki, hypnotherapy, crystal healing and reflexology.

I’ve recognised over the past few years how negatively the UK thinks, behaves and speaks and I’m on a mission – along with a lot of other allies – to change this. My vision is to enable us all to live better lives through service to each other, thinking better and focusing on positive outcomes. If we all help each other to vibrate at higher frequencies, individuals, communities and society as a whole will all benefit.

If you would like to work with me to become a positive, radiant role model to inspire others, then please get in touch.  

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