Why Thinking into Results is the most powerful development programme you will ever do

Why Thinking into Results is the best personal development programme you will ever do

That’s a pretty big thing to say, isn’t it? But I’m sure it’s the truth.

I first came across Bob Proctor a long time ago, via The Secret. It was a lot earlier on my own spiritual journey and to be honest with you, I just didn’t understand the film or the book. I persevered though, and listened to an Audible copy walking to and from work. It’s something I have returned to time and again, each time my awareness growing and changing.

Thinking into Results is a unique programme based on 60 years of working in human performance. It is based on the work of Napoleon Hill and XX Conant. It teaches the science and mechanics of personal achievement – what really makes people successful, based on psychology. It comprises 12 lessons which are taught over 24 weeks, facilitating permanent transformation for the clients who study it and put the work in.

As a consultant, it’s my role to facilitate and guide this study within a group setting, providing one-on-one support when it’s needed.

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