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Why you should meditate every day

Meditation – once you learn how to do it properly – is one of the most beneficial things I can think of for your overall well-being, alongside sleep, nature and some kind of exercise. I first got into meditation to help me deal with a debilitating episode of anxiety, and really the first thoughts of Frequency Shift started to take root then. Here are some of the benefits that I have gained from meditating regularly.

An energy boost

I used to experience a lot of post-lunch slumps, but a meditation session is an ideal antidote to feeling a bit sleepy in the afternoon. A brief session of around 20 minutes will completely rejuvenate you, and prepare you for the rest of the day. It’s almost like a mini-nap, but you are awake throughout.

Peace and quiet

Finding the time to centre ourselves and gain some peace and quiet is important any time, but over the past year we have experienced so much that giving ourselves the opportunity to consciously switch-off for some peace and quiet is really beneficial. By stepping out of the swirling, we can take control over what is happening in our day to day lives. It’s been shown to lower cortisol levels, in turn helping to manage feelings of stress and anxiety.

Managing feelings of anxiety

When I was very ill with anxiety, I really found meditation very useful in helping me to relax, and manage the panic attacks I was experiencing. The combination of focusing outside of myself, combined with intentional breathing was very soothing and really aided my recovery.

Insight into issues or guidance

I think of the energy within the world as being like an energetic soup that we can all access, if we know how to tune into it. All of the answers are there for our taking, as long as we know how to access them. When we are thinking from our conscious mind, we can only think within the boundaries of what we know and our own experience. However, there are so many other possibilities available, that it makes sense to ask for guidance or insight into the challenges we are facing. There is always a better way and we can access it through meditation.

You can do this anywhere!

You definitely don’t need to be at home or in bed to meditate – I think one of the reasons I love walking so much is because it gives me an opportunity to not think about anything specific. You can meditate driving the car or doing the housework. Just keep your eyes open when you are driving!

Eventual control over your own thoughts

I have developed a lot of calm over the past few years – partly through the work on myself that I have done, but also through the extensive meditation I have experienced. You will develop a really strong inner centre, enabling you to respond to challenges in a more considered and calm way, rather than flying off the handle at any little provocation.

Come and meditate on Tuesday evenings!

Meditation sessions is one of the foundations of Frequency Shift, and they are free to access every Tuesday evening. The Zoom link is open from 7.45pm and the session starts at 8pm. The guided sessions are suitable for everyone, from beginner to experienced, and provide an opportunity to gain some peace and quiet, as well as joining a community of other meditators. Come and join us!

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